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Getting started guide (part 1)

Workspaces and projects

Time to read: 3-5 minutes

We created this getting started guide to help you get up and running with VoiceXD. We will go through a series of examples that show you how you can go from a concept to design in a matter of minutes and show you different ways that VoiceXD helps you manage your model as it scales.

What you’ll learn

Creating and managing your workspace

Your VoiceXD account automatically includes a starter workspace. Click + Add to create a new workspace. By default all workspaces are assigned to the starter plan but, you can choose to upgrade any of your workspaces in the billing section. (Note: plans are per workspace not account - one team plan can be used for a single workspace).

You can use the members tab to manage your team and invite others. Project owners can assign team roles. (Note: Team plans charge per editor seat).

Creating and sharing projects

You can create a new project within a workspace or through shared projects (Note: Starter plans only allow one project). Inside your project, you can also invite others outside of your workspace as viewers by clicking the share button. Anyone you invite to a project will have to create a free VoiceXD account.

Next up: Creating content

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