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Getting started guide (Part 2)

Creating turns and adding content

Time to read: 3-5 minutes

We have created this getting started guide to help you get up and running with VoiceXD. We will go through a series of examples that show you how you can go from a concept to design in a matter of minutes and show you different ways that VoiceXD helps you manage your model as it scales.

What you’ll learn

Key concepts

Creating a new script

To create a new script, click on the add script button. You can change your script name by clicking on "Untitled script" and typing in a new name. You can view all of your scripts and branches in the left side panel.

Add content to your conversation turns

To add a new utterance or response you can simply click on the node and begin typing. Once you click out, your changes will update. In addition, when selecting an utterance or response node, you will see additional related details you can add to or modify such as training phrases and re-prompt messages.

Adding and removing turns

A VoiceXD script contains a series of turns. Each turn contains a user and response node. User and response nodes can only be added and removed as turns. (ex. you cannot add a single user or single response node into the conversation). This structure helps us manage your conversation so that you dont have to worry about connecting nodes together.

To add a new turn, you can click on the + icon after any response node. To remove a turn your can click on the trash icon next to any user node. (Note: the first turn in a script cannot be removed). When you remove a turn in the middle of your script, the rest of the conversation is automatically reconnected.

Next up: Designing with variables

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