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Building conversation models with AI-CompanionBeta in VoiceXD

We are excited to launch our new GPT-3 based content generation tools for the VoiceXD conversation design platform. AI-Companion allows you to generate training phrases and assistant responses using AI but, also entire conversation models.

What we'll cover

Customizing your AI-Companion

You can customize the content your AI-companion generates for assistant responses, no-match replies, and no-input replies by adding in brand tones. You can experiment with different tones and combinations to find a style that fits your assistants personality.

Generating training phrases for your User steps

Use AI-Companion to generate training phrases for your User steps based on the default utterance. If you have a single or multiple variables in your utterance, AI-Companion will attempt to come up with training phrases that include all of the variables.

Adding assistant responses, no-matches, and no-inputs

Similarly, you can generate responses, no-matches, and no-inputs for your assistant at any System step based on a sample default response.

Creating variables

You can also generate values and synonyms for both dialogue and context variables using auto generate. Simply, add a new variable, assign it a type, and click auto-generate.

Generating conversation models

The most innovative new addition that we've added with AI-Companion is the ability to generate an entire conversation flow by simply providing a description.

Start by clicking Auto-generate conversation at the top of any script

AI-Companion will generate content for the current selected branch of the script. In this case, our "default branch" is selected. To generate content, you can type in a description of the conversation goal for the current branch. You can also choose whether or not you'd like AI-Companion to auto-generate relevant variables.

Here we can see an example conversations generated with the prompted goals as "Transfer money from my account to another person" and "Check account balance."

  • This prompt generates a complete conversation that resolves the intended goal
  • It adds any relevant dialogue or context variables to the conversation flow and your project library
  • If you want to add more details or steps to the generated conversation, you can simply use auto generate again with another prompt to build on the current conversation rather than re-building it from scratch
  • AI-Companion will also add in multiple System steps where it makes sense to break up a response and prompt from the assistant

You can continue to build out your model by creating new branches in the conversation. For example, if we want to handle a scenario in our "transfer money" script where the user does not know the recipient's account number, we can add a new branch, select it, and auto generate content with the prompt "No account number, need help locating it."

These are just a few examples of the different ways that you can utilize AI-Companion in your day to day conversation design work. We deeply believe in the value that AI-augmented workflows can provide and this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we are developing at VoiceXD. We'd love to hear your thoughts and see what you build with VoiceXD + AI Companion. You can get started today by signing up for VoiceXD and playing around with everything we've shared here yourself!