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Testing in VoiceXD

Learn how to make the most of your VoiceXD superpowers

What are testing personas and how do I use them?

Testing personas allow you to simulate how different types of users will experience interactions with your assistant. For each testing person you can define custom values for each of the context variables in your project.

Your project contains two default personas to make it easy to start testing without having to create your own.

  • The Default Persona (All Contexts) assumes that there is a value ("Any-value") present for each context variable

  • The Default Persona (No Contexts) assumes that there is no value ("No-value") present for each context variable

How do I create a new testing persona?

  1. Open the project library

  2. Select the personas tab and click on + Add persona

  3. Click on on "Untitled Persona" to name your persona and add an optional description

  4. Set values for each of the context variables. You can enter a specific value, choose "Any-value" (signifying that there is a valid value present but not specifying what it is) or select "No-value" (signifying that there is no valid value)

How do I use persona while testing?

To select a persona while testing, click the drop down in the testing view and select the persona you would like to test with.

How do I create custom welcome messages?

Custom welcome messages allow you to create unique messages for different users of your system. You can create different welcome messages for different interaction modes (chat or voice) and personas.

How do I create a new welcome message?

  1. Open the project settings

  2. Select welcome messages

  3. Click + Add welcome message

  4. Enter in your message, the personas that should receive the message, the modes in which the message should appear (chat, voice, or both), and an image

How can I test my experience?

Test your experience at any time by clicking Test in the top right corner of your project. You can switch between testing with voice or chat at anytime during your conversation.

If you'd like to hear the welcome message in voice, select the voice mode and reset your conversation.

You can also see information about the current testing session, including specific context variable values, by clicking the dark blue dropdown on the right side of the testing view.

To test new updates to your design, use the conversation reset button.